Provide drone operators with up-to-date information on ground hazards, air restrictions, and prohibitions related to the drone's location and altitude. The geo-awareness service is available through REST APIs, which can be accessed both during mission planning and in real time during flight execution.

The geo-awareness service is tailored for specific customer operational zones and requires API integration with the customer's backend system and/or application. It is designed for U-space Service Providers (USSPs), UTM Service Providers (USPs), drone application developers, drone manufacturers, and, more broadly, companies operating drones that need accurate maps and services.

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Geo-Awareness in Drone Operations

The geo-awareness API encompasses five API endpoints, respectively:

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Search by Location

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Search by Radius

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Search by Bounding Box

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Search by Polygon

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Search by Corridor

The location of the planned drone mission should be provided in the request. Additional parameters, such as altitude, can also be included in the request and specified in either MSL (Mean Sea Level) or AGL (Above Ground Level) terms. Each search returns one or more JSON objects representing an area defined by a bounding box on the ground. These objects contain all relevant information for that specific area, including prohibited zones, restricted zones, maximum authorised flight altitude, potential warnings, converted altitude, and type of restriction.

More technical details available on the developers zone.

The geo-awareness API is provided as a Supplemental Data Service. However, it is not a substitute for obtaining flight authorization from relevant regulatory authorities.

JSON data output showing location coordinates, elevation limits, and a warning for exceeding maximum altitude
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