About Us

Stratomaps was founded by Yvan Montalieu, who has a background in mapping, Location-Based Services for terrestrial mobility. Over the past two decades, he has assisted numerous companies in incorporating maps and geospatial services into their products, while also leading teams of geospatial platform developers. The decision to venture into aerial maps and services stemmed from recognizing the potential of digitized ground objects and hazards to produce valuable aerial map data for drones. This complements the existing restrictions and prohibitions set by national civil aviation authorities. Adding the third dimension, altitude, to typical geospatial services, presents complexities, but it also brings exciting new challenges.

Yvan has successfully rallied a small team of algorithm experts and developers who are enthusiastic about addressing these new challenges. Beyond the intellectual fulfillment of pioneering new technologies for UAS, the team shares a common mission: to enhance operational safety, reduce carbon emissions, and mitigate societal impacts.

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