Maps and Location-Based Services for Drones

In a world where the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems is becoming prevalent to perform safety, rescue, infrastructure surveillance, and delivery missions; access to high-quality maps and real-time Location-Based Services is critical to plan and execute flight operations safely and in compliance with regulations.

stratomaps addresses these emerging needs by processing and aggregating ground hazard and airborne data, and providing it to drone operators as geospatial services through a suite of APIs.


stratomaps was born out of the belief that we stand on the brink of a new era, where Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will become a mainstream mode of transportation. The growing use of drone activities Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), such as large scale infrastructure surveillance, rescue operations, delivery of medical supplies, and Urban Air Mobility, will only be permitted by authorities if they pose minimal airborne, ground risks and annoyance to the population.

Our mission is to develop technologies that will help to improve safety of operations, reduce carbon emission and mitigate societal impact.

We believe we can help improve safety by:
- providing awareness services
- computing routes that minimize risks

We believe we can help reduce carbon emission by
- computing optimal routes 
- optimizing deliveries and infrastructure inspection missions

We believe we can help mitigate societal impact of drones by
- recommending routes that limit public disturbance
- defining new maps with dedicated UAV corridors


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