Drone Long-Range Delivery

In vast, remote regions with limited infrastructure, the delivery of medical supplies can be logistically challenging. Traditional methods, relying on poor road networks or unreliable overland transport, often run up against delays and limitations.

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What if essential medicines and vaccines could reach even the most isolated communities quickly and efficiently? That's the promise of medical deliveries by drone.

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Needs of Drones Operators for Route Planning

When creating new Operation Zones in agreement with local authorities, UAV Operation Managers face several challenges in defining the most appropriate routes to reach all the medical centers. Some operations can involve parachuting medications up to 100 kilometers away from the home base and need careful planning. The following considerations are crucial during the planning phase:

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Minimal Air Risks: Including restrictions, prohibitions, and NOTAMs.

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Minimum Ground Risks: Such as populations, antennas, and power lines.

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Secure RTH (Return To Home): In case of communication loss.

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Regulation Compliant: Adhering to local and national regulations.

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Minimal Energy Consumption: Choosing paths with minimal slope.

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Re-compute Route to take into account dynamic parameters like wind.

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Aircraft Specifications: Considering pitch, yaw, speed, and glide.

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Challenges of BVLOS Route Planning

Setting up a new operation zone for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) route planning is often a manual process that involves using various open-source tools and map data. This manual planning process is:

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Very Complex: Requiring significant expertise and coordination among multiple stakeholders.

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Time Consuming: Involving extensive planning time and the use of multiple tools.

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Errors Prone: Increasing the risk of mistakes due to the manual nature of the process.

The manual nature of this process makes it difficult to scale operations efficiently.

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Key Benefits of Stratomaps’ solution

Stratomaps addresses these challenges by integrating high-quality static and dynamic data sources to create a map digital twin. This digital reproduction covers large areas where multiple survey missions can take place, enabling informed decisions at every stage of the process.

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The key benefits include:

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More Secure Routes: Ensures safety and compliance.

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More Efficient Planning: Reduces time and complexity.

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Real-Time Route Computation: Adjusts for dynamic conditions.

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Secure RTH (Return to Home): Provides reliable return-to-home paths.

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Improved Communication: Facilitates internal and external coordination.

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Data Capitalization: Uses collected data for future planning and operations.

By leveraging Stratomaps’ solutions, drone operators can overcome logistical challenges, improve delivery efficiency, and ensure the safety and reliability of their operations.

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