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Optimize a fleet of automated drones to be dispatched BVLOS for infrastructure inspections, public safety, rescue operations, and other relevant use-cases. Dispatch optimization is based upon a Multi-Vehicles Route Planning algorithm, adapted for UAVs.

The goal is to ensure the maximum number of inspection jobs, or deliveries can be performed given a set of constraints such as drone battery autonomy, locations of the jobs, drones payload capacity, priority, duration of each job, and more parameters. Optimization takes into account the operational zones restrictions and prohibitions as it is based on the drone routing algorithm.

The optimization service is customized to specific customer operational zones, requirements, and requires API integration with the customer's backend system and/or application. It is designed to cater to U-space Service Providers (USSPs), UTM Service Providers (USPs), drone application developers, drone manufacturers, and, more broadly, companies operating UAVs that require accurate maps and services.

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Drone Dispatch Optimization for BVLOS Operations

To better illustrate optimization, a simple problem statement could be as follows. A Drone Operations Manager

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Has a fleet of 3 quadrotor drones starting from the same base (3 docking stations).

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Need to inspect 12 electrical pylons, each at a different location.

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Each drone has an autonomy of 30 minutes, not counting the 10-minute security buffer.

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Each inspection job takes 5 minutes to complete once the job location is reached.

What would be an optimized dispatch combination of jobs to drones to minimize the total fleet flight time and complete all the jobs within the 30-minute time frame, taking into account all prohibitions and restrictions? The image to the right highlights one optimal solution.

More technical details will be available soon on the developers zone.

The optimization API is provided as a Supplemental Data Service. However, it is not a substitute for obtaining flight authorization from relevant regulatory authorities.

BVLOS optimized drone routes with their respective distances, travel times, and missions durations avoiding prohibited areas
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